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Hammond Psychotherapy Counselling in Kingston for anxiety burnout relationships and self-esteem
Hammond Psychotherapy Counselling in Kingston for anxiety burnout relationships and self-esteem

Our role as psychotherapists is simple – we are here to help you figure your shit out. As crass as that phrase is, in today’s world you need real help, not fake news. You are bombarded with negativity, your lives bogged down with stress, uncertainty, fear, and anxiety. You need practical, non-judgemental, real-life help from people who actively listen, who are engaged, and who can support you with your challenges and struggles.

Nowadays finding the right therapist is a lot like online dating. You look through countless profiles and outdated websites looking to “swipe right” on a face and a quick blurb. Hoping that this is The One. You started to think “forget it” or “it isn’t worth the hassle”.

We get it. It is so overwhelming. The process of searching for and finding the right counsellor can sometimes be enough to make people give up. You deserve better.

We’ve created this site to help you quickly determine if we might be the right fit for you. Every therapist is different, and it’s important for you to feel confident in your decision. 

Choose Your Own Adventure

We are invested in the core values of Authenticity, Compassion, and Empowerment. We bring our own unique approach, expertise, and humanity to our practice. Please click on each of our links to learn more about our special areas of expertise, our differing but equally effective approach to therapy and a little about our personalities. Buckle up, you’re in for a wild ride.


As a recovering Perfectionist and People-Pleaser, I can relate to that knot-in-the-stomach, elephant-on-the-chest feeling of anxiety, stress, and worry. The feelings of insecurity, worrying about being ‘good enough’ or struggling with confidence, are not unknown to me. If you are ready to figure out what’s been keeping you stuck; are able to take initiative, follow through, and work hard to get to the root of what’s going on. This is your kind of counselling. 

Expertise in Couple's CounsellingWomen's Issues, and High-Achiever Burnout.

Amanda Hammond Psychotherapy Counselling in Kingston for perfectionism burnout relationships and self-esteem

Most of my adult life has been spent in the human services field. That is to say, that I’ve been around the block...a couple of times. With that comes experience, wisdom, and intuition that I’m willing to offer up to you. I strive to provide progressive and evidence-based therapies to people from all walks of life and in varying circumstances. I am invested in you and genuinely want you to feel well, do well, and be well.


Expertise in Trauma, Anxiety, and Youth & Family Counselling.

Darrell Hammond Psychotherapy Counselling in Kingston for anxiety trauma relationships and self-esteem
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