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Investment of Therapy

We understand that therapy can be a financial commitment. 

It also is an investment in your health and healing in a way that can literally change your life. 

When you show up to therapy, We want you to make use of every hard-earned nickel (remember the days of pennies?). We are here to work for you. 


As a counsellor - our general practice is "solution-focused" which means that your problems are our problems and we work until you have found a feel-good solution.


We don't waste time wandering around your inner psyche, doing Freudian mumbo jumbo, dream interpretation, or interpretative dance. Which is why our ideal client, who is you - is also here to do the hard work. Put in the sweat and tears. We are sure you are amazing company, but you don't need to spend decades - and thousands of dollars - in therapy. You are here to feel better, and move on. 

The Finances
Individual Counselling Rates

50-minute individual session from $160

Couple or Family Counselling Rates

50-minute session from $200

Methods of accepted payment are cash, debit, or e-transfer.

Payment is due upon completion of the session.

What About Insurance?

Some Insurance Providers like SunLife, Manulife, Great West Life, and Blue Cross Medavie provide coverage for psychotherapy.

We are also an Authorized Provider with Veterans Affairs Canada to direct bill for Veterans and RCMP provided you have been preapproved.

We always encourage clients to check with their specific Provider and plan to ensure that they specifically cover "Psychotherapy". 

After each session and once payment has been received, you will be emailed a receipt for insurance purposes.


Please note: our services are not covered under "Psychology"

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