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Darrell Hammond Psychotherapy Counselling in Kingston for anxiety trauma relationships and self-esteem

Building trust and therapeutic connection


You are tired of floundering, sick of confusion and done with just getting by. You are so over being the victim and want to become the victor. Seeking therapy can be difficult and I get it.

I can give you real-life applicable skills to create a sustainable change. I won’t tell you what to do, nor will I be passive and watch the clock. You are coming to see me because you want someone who can help you activate change. To help dispel the myth of the garbage you may tell yourself. To support you as you try new things that you never thought possible and to guide you in the work to bust your ass to build your confidence. Therapy: as individual as your needs and unique personality.


If you’ve made it this far, you know a little about me as well as starting to learn a little about yourself. You are reading this either because you are terribly bored and find interest in pursuing therapist’s web pages...but not likely. Or you are needing to combat something that is quite challenging and unknown to you. You are here because you feel the need to look for something beyond what you currently have in your arsenal.


So? Who am I?

I began my career in the human services field in 1992.  After graduating, I decided that this was going to be my thing. I had some childhood/adolescent struggles myself and found this type of work both therapeutic in the sense that I could relate to what I was learning as well as enjoyed the rewarding aspect of helping others to grow and overcome issues. Since that time, I made efforts to focus on different types of services such as behavioural counselling with children/adolescents, family work and individual adult counselling. As my experience and training grew, my interest was drawn to learn more about various therapeutic theories and psychological disorders. I learned how to apply these in my work and gained much more experience. All of this, combined with my genuine love of the work led me to create my half of this private practice.


So, here we are. What's next?

Darrell Hammond Psychotherapy Counselling in Kingston for men, anxiety, trauma, relationships, and self-esteem


It can be a scary place out there.

Anxiety can be the monster that is unseen, but always looming. It’s that sense of fear or dread that can be gripping and holds us back from engaging in activities with confidence and enjoyment. It holds you back from being you and creates an avoidance of interactions that may have been enjoyable to you in the past. If this is your current state, the symptoms of anxiety are real and playing a part in your current life, holding you back from being yourself.

Where does this anxiety come from? What fed this beast?


Rewrite your story.

Your trauma is your own. Defined and experienced exclusively by you. You may feel damaged or broken as a result of things that have occurred in your life unexpectedly. It’s something that has had a long term, lasting effect on your ability to navigate the world. Trauma can change our perspectives and haunt our memories and thoughts. At times, it seems impossible to process things that have been seen, felt and experienced. Let’s get a handle on this out of control feeling, acknowledge that issues have been created and then work to move past it. The goal doesn’t involve forgetting, or re-living the trauma. It will be to incorporate your experiences, in a healthy way, into your life story.

Youth and Family

Building skills, re-building families

In today’s stressful and busy world, meaningful family connections can become lost or strained. Teens face challenges that we adults are not able to understand. At times, parents can feel helpless, leaving our teenage children trying their best to manage life’s challenges. You may find that your teen has become withdrawn, disconnected or acting out in ways that are new or undesirable. This may indicate that issues they face in their hectic, and at times, confusing lives are affecting their mental well being.

Hammond Psychotherapy Counselling in Kingston Ontario

Because You Want To Know What You're Walking Into. Literally.

A warm, inviting and relaxing office. Discreet location gives you the opportunity to find calm and comfort.


This is where the new you begins.


We will get back to you soon!

Darrell Hammond Psychotherapy Counselling in Kingston for men, anxiety, trauma, relationships, and self-esteem
Hammond Psychotherapy Counselling in Kingston for anxiety burnout relationships and self-esteem
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