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Darrell Hammond Psychotherapy Counselling in Kingston for anxiety trauma relationships and self-esteem


It can be a scary place out there

Anxiety can be the monster that is unseen, but always looming. It’s that sense of fear or dread that can be gripping and holds us back from engaging in activities with confidence and enjoyment. It holds you back from being you and creates an avoidance of interactions that may have been enjoyable to you in the past. If this is your current state, the symptoms of anxiety are real and playing a part in your current life, holding you back from being yourself. Where does this anxiety come from? What fed this beast?


How to process and move past anxiety will be our goal for you to live a happier, more confident life. Getting to the heart of what causes you to become anxious, working through why it causes trepidation and developing ways to push through and eliminate the sources of that fear is like lifting a weight off your shoulders.


You’ll be able to live with the confidence you once enjoyed, have the courage to face the day and conquer the fears that once held you captive. Take deep breaths and appreciate the little things in this world of yours.

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