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Darrell Hammond Psychotherapy Counselling in Kingston for anxiety trauma relationships and self-esteem


Rewrite your story

Your trauma is your own. Defined and experienced exclusively by you. You may feel damaged or broken as a result of things that have occurred in your life  unexpectedly. It’s something that has had a long term, lasting effect on your ability to navigate the world. Trauma can change our perspectives, cause anxiety or haunt our memories and thoughts. At times, it seems impossible to process things that have been seen, felt and experienced. Let’s get a handle on this out of control feeling, acknowledge that issues have been created and then work to move past it. The goal doesn’t involve forgetting, or re-living the trauma. It will be to incorporate your experiences, in a healthy way, into your life story.


My office is a place of comfort, safety, respect, and compassion; as counselling should be. It’s not a place where you will experience adverse pressure to give answers or leave you facing challenges that you cannot accept. You’ll be given space and gentle, guiding nudges along the way.


It’s my role as a counsellor to help you recognize the impact it has had on your life, your personality and your behaviour and to re-integrate and take control of your feelings and desired experiences to allow some space for greater peace, contentment and happiness.

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