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Darrell Hammond Psychotherapy Counselling in Kingston for anxiety trauma relationships and self-esteem

Youth and Family

Building skills, re-building families

In today’s stressful and busy world, meaningful family connections can become lost or strained. Teens face challenges that we adults are not able to understand. At times, parents can feel helpless, leaving our teenage children trying their best to manage life’s challenges. You may find that your teen has become withdrawn, disconnected or acting out in ways that are new or undesirable. This may indicate that issues they face in their hectic, and at times, confusing lives are affecting their mental well being.

Depression, anxiety and generally feeling overwhelmed are becoming more common among teens. You may notice changes in your child’s demeanor, but aren’t aware of how they are managing their own struggles. Therapy can assist our teens to sort out and find real solutions to issues such as understanding feelings, assertiveness, managing responsibilities and recognizing stresses that can lead to negative thoughts of themselves.


Strong families lead to strong kids. I can be an outlet, someone to talk to about the challenges and struggles in an effort to mitigate or end them. A rebuilding of self esteem, confidence, and sense of worth that we all crave. Families can benefit from redefining roles, gaining a better understanding of each individual’s challenges and ways to work more effectively together, creating consistency, cohesion and positive relationships.


If you are looking to rebuild or enhance the relationships in your family, contact me to arrange an appointment.

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