Couples - I don't
take sides

You are struggling to recognize the person sitting across from you or sleeping beside you. You can't quite figure out when it all fell apart, or you can remember the exact breaking point. You feel like strangers - two ships passing in the night.


Couples counselling is about working together with an objective third party to co-create or rebuild a foundation to help achieve a strong, deep and positive connection with your partner. I can help the two of you navigate the seemingly scary world of vulnerability and feelings. I aim to support and guide you in learning your partner's language - but even more importantly - to develop better relational skills. After all, you want to learn how to communicate and relate to each other in a loving, kind and understanding way - not just how to fight nicer.


 Relationship building is hard work


Sometimes one person isn’t keen on counselling. They may have difficulty in processing, or even accessing their feelings and come across as detached. Hell, they may even be in my office unwillingly. But we can work with that and help them get more comfortable to buy in to the process.


I want to make sure that everyone feels they are in a safe place to open up and get some work done. if you’re looking for a therapist who will pick a side, or play the blame game, I ain’t for you.

But here’s a word of warning. With couples, it isn’t always about making things better and keeping the relationship intact at all costs. It is about creating awareness, which leads to action. That could mean recognizing that it is time to move on. Whatever is the healthiest option, that’s the one we will work towards.


My practice identifies and welcomes couple counselling as occurring between two parties of any gender binary, non-binary, trans, cis and of any sexual orientation, or combination of. 

Just keep in mind, more than three is a party (bah dum tss)



The relationship you have with your partner can be the strongest, and yet most challenging as they often get the worst of us at the end of the day. Therapy can never be started too early however, is often started too late.