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High Achieving Woman with Burnout before going to Hammond Psychotherapy

It has nothing to do with the job you do.

It all has to do with how you feel;






And then cue the; 





You always run at higher RPMs than most; you always thought you worked best under pressure. Your general state of being is about productivity and efficiency. You just get shit done.

And then things changed. Slowly, at first. Becoming more irritable, snapping, withdrawing from friends, family. EVERYTHING feels like it just takes too much effort. And you've tried to just push yourself harder. Stronger. Nothing "really" changed. Or so you thought.

And now everyone expects ALL the things from you ALL of the time. Family, colleagues, your partner. 

And almost worst of all, you expect it from yourself too.

What you're currently doing? It ain't sustainable. And you know it. 

You can change this path. You can intentionally create different outcomes for yourself. That still allows you to dream big, achieve lofty goals - just differently so. 

Also worth an honourable mention; as a woman diagnosed a decade ago with ADHD, I would be remiss not to mention the potential layers this can add to the high-achiever. 


High-Achiever Burnout

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