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Welcome to a personally-tailored, lifestyle-friendly, self-led course where you can figure your sh*t out and

become authentically you.

Lemme ask you something, do you find yourself: 

  • Always putting others first? 

  • Struggling with your self-esteem or relationship?

  • Unable to maintain that work/life balance? And then feeling either guilty, burned out, or resentful if you actually do say no to something?

  • Not actually even knowing what YOU want or like? Feeling “lost” or “stuck”?


Amanda has been working on this labour of love to provide you with the workshop that has only previously been delivered in person, now, in an online format. 


"Friend, I can tell you the reasons for the difficulties you’ve experienced. It is because you aren’t being authentically, you. You think you “should just” do these things you’re doing. That if you just had more confidence in yourself, higher self-esteem, that if you could just work harder, faster, stronger, you’d succeed. That if you just scheduled your time better or just never let anyone down, or dropped any balls, it would all be okay. 

Let me tell you something - listen carefully - confidence is not magical, neither is self-esteem, it isn’t something you just “decide” to have. You aren’t broken. You don’t need to try harder. You just need to be you.


You need to know what you want and need, and how to ask for those things. Which, at this point, let’s not kid ourselves, you have no flipping idea of what any of those things are anymore."


This course has been personally-tailored by me, a recovering people-pleaser and perfectionist. I have done my own therapy work, as well as being a Therapist for over a decade and a half. I have been, and still am, in the trenches with you. I am fallible, vulnerable, and painfully authentic. I know first hand the experience of being married, divorced, re-married; being a full-time business owner, mother and wife, all while having ADHD. I’ve spent 7 years in school and literally tens of thousands of hours sitting across from another human being, sharing in their challenges, successes, and watching them shed the skin of the things that no longer served them. I am not kidding you when I say, I get you.


This course is borne from my desire to give you the tools and words that were most helpful to me in my growth. It was slow, painful and tragic, like most growth stories are.


Yours doesn’t have to be. 

Welcome to a personally-tailored, lifestyle-friendly self-led course where you can figure your sh*t out and

become authentically you.


You will learn:

  • Where people-pleasing came from - and why the hell you keep doing it

  • How to develop a curiosity to challenge those entrenched thoughts that keep you stuck

  • Why you feel like you carry allllllll the weight of every relationship around you - romantic and otherwise and how to change it

  • To stop feeling guilty for sh*t you didn’t do

  • To break free from the expectations of others and yourself

  • To establish boundaries so you can stop feeling resentful and stuck

Why on earth would I sign up for this? 
  • Because you can do it in your own time, around your own schedule.

  • It is a hell of a lot cheaper than counselling - especially with limited insurance coverage.

  • You can see if this is something that resonates without a huge commitment.

  • You don’t have to share your shit with others (yes I want you to be vulnerable with other people, but let’s be real and take baby steps here!)

  • There are waitlists out there and you may want to see results sooner.

  • Location is irrelevant

Who is this ideally suited for?
  • Those who struggle with their sense of self.

  • Those who feel stuck.

  • Those who are people-pleasers and feel overwhelmed.

  • Those Perfectionists who really can’t see any other way than fostering the “perfect”. 

  • Those who can open their minds, learn some deep shit about themselves through self-reflection and put it into action. You will need to be motivated. 

  • Those who are thinking about therapy, in therapy or waiting for therapy, or unable to access therapy for any bazillion possible barriers.

This course is not for you if you:
  • Are not interested, motivated, or able to create actionable change

  • Are not able to engage in self-directed learning

  • Are looking for therapy

  • Are in crisis, suicidal, or experiencing psychotic episodes

Nothing changes if nothing changes.


Let’s not be mistaken, while this is a self-led course, developed by a Therapist; this is not therapy. But, it might be therapeutic for you. You will receive the material I have developed and provided to real-life clients, in sessions and in my workshops. This is where I put the disclaimer to make it clear that if the material activates any previous trauma, brings up any old wounds, or unknown suppressed ones, I encourage you to seek therapy to process it. This material is more “quick and dirty” to get to the core and resolve your people-pleasing nature. As a Therapist, I know there are many reasons why one becomes a people-pleaser - some of those reasons are best served with time in therapy and no amount of “self-help” will get to its resolution.


You will receive six modules based on my real-life workshop. You will have access to the material in both beautiful printable pdfs and fillable online material. There will be journal prompts or worksheets to supplement each module’s material. I know life can get in the way; you will have access to this course for its lifetime, across any and all device(s) you choose to use with it. It will not self-destruct at any point and there are no magic numbers of devices allowed. If the course is going to be removed from the internet or altered in any way - you will be notified through the email you signed up with to provide as much notice as possible. 


I try to be as transparent as possible as I want you to be happy with the course. I have listed the information and material you should expect, how you read this information is me literally typing word for word, so expect more of this style. I don’t want you to have any surprises (well, unless they are the fun kind!) You are welcome to check out my website and social media presence to get a good idea of my style. What you see is what you get.  As there are no refunds, please ensure you are crystal clear on what’s involved with the course and to ask any questions you may have.

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