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Resources for the Holidays

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

It can be difficult waiting for an appointment for counselling or therapy. Impossible feeling even. I am giving you a list of some great books, resources to help you manage through the holidays when waiting for an appointment, or even waiting for benefits to renew, because we know at this time of year, it can be expensive.

Anything by the Gottmans is fantastic for couples or marriage counselling, particularly:

We also love Melody Beattie - for support in recognizing and detaching from unhealthy enmeshment, she discusses codependency and self-esteem. Gotta love the holidays for throwing family together, toxic or not.

Another book for relationships that is a great read in that it uses real language and examples is Attached. It gives examples of attachment styles, and quizzes to help you navigate the relationships in your life. I use a lot of attachment in daily life stuff - co-workers, kids, friends. It is not just about those romantic relationships and figuring out compatibility.

I know time-management is difficult at this time of year and for organizing yourself, an app that we love is called It has a web interface, as well as both Android and Apple platforms. It goes with you regardless of which device you're on, it sends reminders, has checklists and calendar event options and also can help you plan your day each morning. I set mine for 8am it goes through all of the things on my "to do" list and I can then schedule them, or ignore them. The holidays actually CAN be enjoyable.

Finally - an app that I would love to say I use is a guided meditation app. But I don't. Because I feel like I will explode when I try to slow my brain down that much. BUUUTTTT it is incredibly good for you and is always on my "want to do" list. Insight Timer and Calm are great apps for guided meditations. You turn it on, you listen for 5 minutes, you're done.

Hopefully you can find these helpful - they are my top go-to resources for this time of year, and really anytime of year. Nothing will get solved in a day, but a day is a good time to start.


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