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We will focus on specific skills
and self-discovery - but not in a
cheesy way. Psychotherapy
counselling in a group setting.


Topics include: 

 I provide clinicial supervision and consultation to other therapists in practice. External supervision for registered psychotherapists, RP(Q)s, new therapists in private practice or new graduates from MACP or other therapy and social work programs.

If you find yourself:


  • Always putting others first,

  • Struggling with your self-esteem, relationships, and balance,

  • Worrying what others' think

  • Losing yourself - or have never even found yourself in the first place

  • Coming out of a relationship - or regularly in unhealthy ones


If you consider yourself an over-achiever, perfectionist, who is over-caring but underwhelmed with life....This is the place for you. 


Sense of Self Workshop

This live workshop is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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