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Addiction Counselling Therapy Kingston Ontario

Addiction - It's about more than just abstinence.

Evidence-based support, collaborating with your physician to advocate for addiction medicine, and non-judgemental listening is what you will get when you come for addiction counselling. Supporting you through alcohol, opioid - or opioid replacement therapies, cocaine or amphetamine use or other substances, you will find the support and direction you will benefit from. Abstinence is also not necessarily the endgame. Each person’s ‘sober’ or ‘healthy’ is different. My approach is harm reduction. You do not have to do it alone, and a self-help group just isn't going to cut it. 


Addiction does not operate in a silo. It will impact you, your family and your work. Let me help you reduce those negative consequences and help resolve those underlying problems that have contributed to this substance use and this dark place you find yourself in.


Are you worried about a loved one?

If you are someone who struggles with a partner, parent or child that is substance-using, I am Community Reinforcement and Family Trained (CRAFT) to help you invite your loved one into treatment for their use.




Your goals are my goals, and it’s about more than just AA and abstinence.

Let’s get you started on your path to recovery.

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